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4 F's 4 Success Personal Development with

"An Action Plan" 


Have you ever felt stuck in life? Wanting more but just can't seem to find the right answer.  It's time to gain clarity, get fast results, and reach your goals.

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What Do The F's Stand For?





Developing a lifestyle of fitness and nutrition is the key. It's 80% Nutrition, 20% Fitness and 100%  Mindset. When you learn this combination, it's an achievement that will last forever. Choosing to become healthier, is the step toward your new journey and reaching your wellness goals.




Fashion & Beauty gives you confidence and builds Self-esteem. When you discover your Signature Style Statement by identifying your body shape, shopping for clothes that accentuate your body, as well as knowing which colors inspire your look-you are well on your way to a new authentic YOU.




Girls just wanna have Funds. When you dump debt and build wealth, you'll discover your MBA "Mastering Business Activities"  In this discovery, budgeting will become your partner, it gives permission to take control of your money, and gives an opportunity to invest towards making your dreams come true.




You were created by God as a beautiful and wonderful woman. Gaining Faith in God will show you how to stay connected to Him, so you can experience total transformation in your life-regardless of your past mistakes or failures.

Connect with the one that can make a difference.


About Debra The Transformist! 



My name is Debra, better known as Debra The Transformist. I’m the founder & CEO of Total Transformation & Empowerment and 4Fs Academy where we train women in Leadership, Business, and Lifestyle through a journey of Fitness, Fashion, Finances, and Faith.

We work with Women that have a dream and feel like they are stuck. They have lost confidence, and hope in fulfilling their Dreams. We believe when women feel amazing they will succeed in every area of life. Women leave our 4 F’s 4 Success program and academy with the confidence they need to build their own empires.


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4 F's 4 Success Inner Circle is a private community of women that desire to grow at a rapid rate, by listening to video content as well as webinars, available 24/7. It's designed to develop a lifestyle of Successful living in all 4 F's and your mindset. Also you'll have an opportunity to be part of a Live Chat 2-3 times per week, where you get to ask your personal questions and meet other women that's a member of the Inner Circle!


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Ysela Craig

It's been a year since I've been part of Debra Garrett Women Empowerment group. Transform2Empower
4 Fs : Fitness, Finance, Faith, & Fashion
This group is powerful women who are looking to get to the next level in their life. We KEEP it REAL with family, stress, self care & more.


My name is Tamisha and I have been a diabetic for 33 years and manage my diabetes with an insulin pump taking 8 to 10 units of insulin with my meals daily!  Since I have been on the Lower my Hemoglobin A1c challenge, I only consume 5 to 8 units of insulin per day!  
And some days no insulin, it all depends on what I eat! However, I have gone from taking 40 units a day to 5 units a day in such a short period of time. When I went back to my normal checkup my doctor was amazed at my results and she said whatever you are doing,
keep it up. 
I love my new meal plan!!!


This plan was so important to me because I beat myself up a lot over past failures and bad decisions. Going forward I will put a system in place, plan better, pray and meditate. I will not allow the enemy to come in anymore and I have made a decision to work on me, and get me together. Thank you for sharing these tips, and information.

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Is a 90 Day plan of action workbook that focuses on all 4 F's.  It's designed for women who desire to proceed to the next level in their personal, spiritual, and professional lives. This program is a perfect fit if you are ready to invest in yourself.  

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